Insight To Keep Your Lawn’s Sprinkler System Working Perfectly

Getting your lawn to the point where it is lush and green and growing full in all areas can be a challenge, especially when you deal with insect destruction, heat stress, and weeds. So when your lawn sprinklers malfunction or break, they can cause your lawn to die off, requiring you to repair them as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your lawn. But fortunately, there are a number of tasks you can complete on your own to diagnose and repair the sprinkler system and get it back up and running. Here are some ideas and tips to help you keep your sprinkler system working well and your lawn in great shape.

Locate the Broken Sprinkler Component

One of the first signs your sprinkler system has a problem may be a section of your lawn turning brown. Or if your sprinklers run while you are home and awake, you may notice the sprinkler not spraying at all or shooting water up into the air in a geyser-like pattern. In any case, when you find that your sprinkler system is damaged you need to find out where the problem is located so you can repair it.

Most of the time the damage to your sprinkler line is going to be in a sprinkler head, which can be due to someone accidentally stepping on the head or a vehicle driving over the head and breaking it. Occasionally the damage may be in the sprinkler riser, which is the line that connects the sprinkler head to the underlying pipe system.

You may also find damage from winter freezing in the springtime when you first start up your system, which is due to water being left in your line. When this occurs, you will usually have a section of your sprinkler heads that do not spray properly and water seeping from one area of the line. Sometimes this will cause a bubble to form under the lawn and soil where the water is leaking from.

Once you have found the damage, determine if you are able to repair the problem. You can also hire a landscaper to complete the repairs or to find the damage if you are not able to.

Complete the Repairs

If you complete your own repairs, use a square-headed shovel to cut out a section of the lawn where you need to complete the repairs. Place the lawn aside so you can replace it after you have finished the repairs. You don't want to damage or kill the lawn while you make repairs to the irrigation system.

Be sure you replace a broken head with one that is the same type. Then, adjust the spray pattern to match the broken one so your lawn will still continue to get water after you have repaired the head.

For more information about sprinkler repair, contact a company like A Ronnow Lawn Sprinkler, Inc.