Which Bamboo Removal Methods Really Work

You might have decided to add bamboo to your home because it is highly durable and grows quickly. Bamboo is a grass that is stronger than wood and can be used to create a privacy fence. However, bamboo can grow so easily that it can ultimately end up growing in places you don't want it and can be difficult to remove. There are only some methods that really work.

The Running Bamboo Menace

There are different species of bamboo and some types can become a problem because they spread outward as they grow. These are referred to as running bamboo. Not only will the bamboo grow throughout your yard, but it will also grow in your neighbor's yard and may cause tension. Therefore, you should remove the bamboo quickly with a bamboo removal service.

Bamboo can be difficult to remove because the stalks that sprout up out of the round are only part of the plant. Under the ground is a network of rhizomes that also have to be removed. Therefore, it's a good idea to hire professional bamboo removal services to eliminate the bamboo.

Cutting Down the Bamboo

A professional bamboo removal service will cut back the bamboo. Even though bamboo is a hardwood, the inside of the stalks is hollow and this makes it relatively easy to remove the stalks. The hard part is removing the roots.

Killing Bamboo with Chemicals

A bamboo removal service will then use one of several methods to eliminate the rhizomes underneath. One of the most simplistic methods is to use chemicals designed to kill the rhizomes. However, the chemicals used to kill bamboo sometimes do not work because this plant is very resilient. Using these chemicals to kill the plant can also cause more problems for your yard.

Blocking Sunlight with a Tarp

If you do not want to use chemicals on your property or if it is impractical to do so, you could cover the area where the bamboo grows with a tarp. This will prevent sunlight from reaching the bamboo. However, this often isn't practical because of how long it takes.

Digging Up the Roots

A bamboo removal service can dig up the rhizomes so that they can be destroyed. The roots should be allowed to dry, and then they can be disposed of or used to make compost. However, it's important to hire a professional service to have this done because you might miss some of the roots. Then, the bamboo might grow again.

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