Four Ways to Rid Your Lawn of Fleas

Warmer weather can bring on the flowers blooming, the grass growing, and vegetation sprouting. Unfortunately, it can also mean ideal conditions for a flea infestation. You can expect to spend around $5 to $20 on a flea flogger to help rid your home of fleas, but if you are not proactive about getting them off your lawn, your dog or cat could end up dealing with fleas right after you've treated your home for them. You want to make sure that all fleas are removed from your home, but you still have to get to the root of the problem. This means treating your lawn for the fleas so they don't hitch a ride on your pet when they come inside. Here are four tips to help you effectively treat your lawn for fleas. 

Keep Your Grass at the Right Height

One of the best ways to keep fleas off your property is by keeping the lawn at the proper height. Experts recommend keeping your grass at a height of one to three inches during the warmer season. While you don't have to necessarily get down on your hands and knees and measure the lawn, you can expect to mow it about once a week to keep it on the shorter side. As the weather gets cooler, you won't have to mow the grass as often. 

Push the Wildlife Out of Your Yard

Fleas can easily make a home in your yard when you have a collection of wildlife running around. It is important that you limit the amount of wildlife around your property by removing things that attract them. Berries from your vegetation, birdseed that you put out, or grubs in the dirt can all appeal to the wildlife in your area. By removing these attractions, you can keep out squirrels, rats, raccoons, and other animals that are prone to carrying fleas. 

Keep Your Landscaping Trimmed

If you have a lot of shady and moist areas, you are very likely to attract fleas to your lawn. You want to make sure you have plenty of sun shining on your lawn to help keep the fleas out. This can be done by trimming back trees, bushes, and other types of plants to help limit the amount of shade you have. 

Water Your Lawn Ofte

Watering your lawn is not only good for the vegetation but also can help prevent fleas and larvae from living on the property. A lawn full of water will drown the fleas on the property but will also help wash away the adult feces from the fleas. This is what the larvae feed on, so they will struggle to survive when the feces are not present. 

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