Having A Patio Garden Put In? 3 Tips To Consider For The Design

Enjoying a patio garden can be a great alternative to having an in-ground garden or one that's located quite a distance from the door. If you're having paving done and other work in your yard with the installation of a patio and your main goal is to have a garden put in during the project, you need to consider what specifically needs to be done. With the below tips considered and good communication with the designers working on the patio, you can be sure that it is installed without any complications and that you're able to get the patio you want put in.

Make Sure Adequate Shade is Included

The plants that you intend on growing, whether there are vegetables, herbs, or fruit, all have different requirements for the sunlight they need. The size of your patio and its location in your yard can all make a difference in just how much shade they'll need if some of the plants you intend on growing can't handle full sun.

When you're focusing on having the patio designed, it's important that you include features that will provide shade. This often means having an overhang put in or, at the very least, an umbrella that's sturdy and weather-proof.

Ensure That Water Can Drain Properly

Whether you have planter pots placed on your new patio or you're focusing instead on planter beds, you need to consider the need for having the water drain properly. When it's just paving underneath the planters, the water can begin to pool up and cause damages. For the water to flow properly away from the planters, you'll want to ensure that the water drains properly through having sections of dirt or moss in between the paving stones.

Include Other Areas and Functions

While your main goal for the patio may be to have your own personal garden, it's vital that you also consider the need for other functions. Considering both the size of the planned patio and your own lifestyle can help you figure out whether the patio can be broken up into different zones that includes more than just your new garden.

As you prepare for having a patio installed outside, you should stop and consider what kind of work is involved in having a garden included. With the above tips, you can make sure that your garden looks fantastic and that the newly paved patio is a smart improvement to your yard. 

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