Tips For Beautiful Fall Landscaping

Just because summer is ending doesn't mean you have to give up your dreams of a colorful, hardy garden. Fall is the perfect time for cool-weather plants and to start planning ahead to your spring displays and beds.

Some of the best plants for fall gardens are below:

  • Sweet peas are a cool-weather plant that truly thrives in the autumn and fall, bringing color to your garden.
  • Pumpkins and squash are cool season veggies that will begin to yield a harvest during fall, just before the first frost.
  • Conifers are a type of tree and shrub that thrives during cooler weather. In fact, conifers like fir and evergreens rely on cold temperatures to produce sap.
  • Perennials that can withstand infrequent frosts are English daisies, pansies, and snapdragons. These bring a burst of color to a fall garden.
  • Garlic comes to life during the cooler weather of autumn and fall. It can survive cold temperatures and will seed for spring when left all winter long. This also pertains to other Alliums, like onions, shallots, and scallions.

Fall is the time for other gardening chores:

Go ahead and mulch. Mulch provides a protective layer of insulation for plants during chilly weather and cool temperatures. During summer, mulch can help prevent weed-growth in your gardens and beds. This is also a great way to recycle and reuse tree branches, limbs, and cuttings from the summer. There are many types of mulch available, from red cedar to black pine, so choose the color and consistency that suits your landscaping best.

Trim and prune trees for winter. Fall is the time to trim-back and prune trees and branches that could pose risk of damage during high-winds or wintry weather. These limbs have the potential of breaking loose and flying-free, which can be a dangerous scenario. Hire a landscaping or tree-pruning professional before winter to remove any potential hazards.

Plant your bulbs for spring. Fall is the time to start thinking ahead to spring; plant your bulbs! Go ahead and finish planting with a thick layer of mulch to keep your bulbs warm and protected during the harsh weather of winter.

Start planning for spring now, but give your garden some love now with these cool-weather autumnal plants. Enjoy harvesting a bounty before winter winds begin to blow! Talk with landscaping professionals about getting your gardens ready for winter as well as to start planning your spring plants, flowers, and beds; these experts will offer additional options based on your region's climate and hardiness grow zone.