Fun Fall Landscaping Ideas To Make Your Property Festive

Worried that your yard and landscaping is looking weathered and worn after summer? Give your outdoor spaces some color and festive flavor with some autumnal suggestions that will capture the eye of your neighbors and passers-by.

Some fun fall landscaping ideas include:

1. Don't give up on flowers. Just because winter is around the corner doesn't mean you need to give up your dreams of having a lush, colorful landscape. Mums thrive in the cooler weather, and they bring an autumnal pop of color to any patio, hedge, or porch. These typically do well when you don't over-water and you plant them in a sunny area. Keep an eye out in your region for these pretty fall colored Mums:

  • Rich red.
  • Cheery purple.
  • Sunny yellow.
  • Warm brown.
  • Deep russet.

2. Bring in some traditional fall elements. If you visit a home improvement retailer, tractor supply store, or a local produce stand, you may be able to find all of the elements that you need for your yard to look like fall has arrived. These items are cheap, are biodegradable, and don't require maintenance after you set up your landscaping display. Some perfect components for your yard include:

  • Hay bales, which typically cost a few dollars each.
  • Corn husks.
  • Indian corn bundles.
  • Pumpkins.
  • Gourds.
  • Straw or loose hay.

3. Trim, edge, and mow thoroughly. Another way to keep your landscaping looking festive and manicured during fall is to keep up with the trimming, mowing, and overall maintenance—despite the cooler weather. This will provide the perfect framework for the multicolored leaves that will inevitably adorn your green space. Plant a cool-weather border, such as calendula and ornamental kale, to contrast with the autumnal colors of the natural foliage.

4. Polish up your property with mulch. Make your outdoor space spiffy for the coming fall and winter by trimming well and mulching everywhere. Buy bags of mulch from home improvement stores for a few dollars a bag; read the label on the mulch to determine how many square feet it will cover. Try red cedar, black oak, or chunky redwood mulch to replace uprooted beds or stagnant gardens with a burst of color.

Make sure to pay a little attention and give some love to your landscaping all year long. Use these tips to keep your greenspace looking festive and well-kept during fall, and to bring a festive autumnal flavor to your property. Visit home improvement retailers and garden stores to find what you need for a fantastic yard this season!