Why Careful Planning Is Important To The Installation Of Your Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems are very convenient and useful. Your entire yard can benefit from an automated sprinkler system. There are a few things to take under consideration, however, before you have a system installed.

Buried Power Lines

Buried power lines and sprinkler systems do not mix. While the power company does what it can to keep their power lines from getting wet underground and transmitting electrical pulses through the wet soil, you do not want to inundate the areas where these lines are buried with water. Before you install the sprinklers and metal sprinkler heads (which could also lead to serious electrical accidents), ask the power company to come out and mark off where the lines are buried. This will help the sprinkler installation expert avoid these areas, avoid ground saturation, and avoid accidental electrical conductivity.

Landscaping That Should Not Be Watered Quite So Much

While your grass will thank you for the daily watering, some of your other flowers, bushes, shrubs, and trees will not. They may not need quite so much water, or they may be notorious for developing fungus on their leaves when overwatered. You might kill off some of your favorite landscaping plants with too much water, so make sure that these plants are nowhere near the sprinkler heads and system when it activates every morning and/or evening.

Lawn Mowing Rituals Change

Even though the sprinkler heads are submerged in the grass, your lawnmower will still need to pass over or close by them. It is actually a better idea to mow only the areas that do not have sprinkler heads installed in them, and then either mow around the system heads or use a weed whacker tool to trim the grass around the heads. You can also use a rotary blade, manual push mower because the spinning blades are less likely to come into contact with the tops of the sprinkler heads.

If you do not want to do this for all of your lawn, plan to spread out the sprinkler heads so it is easier to mow around them with your gas mower. You can spread the heads and submerged head cups out greater distances in the yard. Ask your sprinkler installation expert how. It usually involves creating longer pipe lines for the water to travel from your house's plumbing to the sprinkler heads, but since you have to have the yard dug up for this project anyway, it just makes sense to install the heads in a larger grid formation.

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