More Than A Campfire — 5 Luxury Options For An Outdoor Fire Pit

If you want to add fire to your backyard hardscaping, you may immediately think of a basic round fire pit. But the truth is that there are many luxurious options and greater variety open to modern landscapers than ever before. Here are 5 beautiful and creative fire pit options for the discerning homeowner. 

In-Pool Fire. If you're combining a fire pit and a pool, why not place the flames inside the pool? Built-in stone fire pits placed in the corner of a pool create a great combination of fire and water that will thrill guests both in and out of the pool.

Double-Sided Fireplace. A fireplace adds charm and class to any hardscape. And for a larger patio or outdoor room, a double-sided fireplace is even better. Place this fireplace in the center of a space or use it as a divider between outdoor spaces (like a dining area and living room) to get double duty from one decorative piece.

Low-Profile Fireplace. If you want the warmth and traditional appearance of a fireplace without taking up a lot of space or overpowering your outdoor room, try a more modern, low-profile design. A low-profile fireplace is simply a fireplace that only goes as high as needed for the fire. As such, it doesn't block views and provides a solid surface on top that can be used as a table, buffet, bar, or decorative space. 

Fire Bar. A fire bar is a fun alternative to a traditional round fire pit. A fire bar is a linear style fire feature that can come in many different styles. It fits well with other geometrical features like a low dividing wall, the side of a pool or spa, and the outside edge of a patio. Fire bars can be designed with or without a backdrop, so they can even be enjoyed from both sides.

Stacked Stone. If you're looking for a more natural and integrated appearance for your fireplace, consider trading out brick or paver-style stone work for faux rocks. Placing fake rocks and boulders around the fireplace — and up the facade — helps it blend into the surrounding landscaping or even a pool grotto. Complement this natural setting with a bubbling waterfall for a killer combination.

Whatever outdoor style your yard features, you can find a modern fire pit that will not only fit right in, but also bring out the best in your designs. For more information, contact local professionals like Davis Landscape.