4 Ways To Make A Small Patio Into A Simply Perfect Space

If you don't have a lot of space in your backyard, it can be hard to know how you can add quality places to entertain friends and guests. But, even the smallest patio can be a great place to hang out. If you're not sure how to go about making yours into your dream patio, here are 4 ways to fix that.

Add Fire. Fire just naturally attracts people to its warm colors and comforting crackle. So, why not add some fiery charm to your little patio? If you have space for a full fireplace, it can be the centerpiece of a cozy entertainment area. The advantage of installing an outdoor fireplace is that you add a large and simple focal point that can also include extra seating and even double as a bar or serving area when the patio is full.

Make it Lush. If you can't add space to your patio, add a surrounding wall of greenery to make it feel cozier. A lush and verdant collection of plants and small trees around a patio turns a simple seating area into a garden paradise everyone can enjoy. You can create your green wall using any type of attractive and colorful plants you want — including tropical staples like large-leafed banana plants, fast-growing bamboo, or colorful umbrella plants. You can complement this greenery with a beautiful slate or stone paver flooring. 

Open it Up. An open patio design can make a small space feel large and airy. Instead of trying to fill your tiny patio space with decorations, opt for a minimalist approach. Design a wide and neutral stone pathway leading to the patio, then pair that with a single, unbroken stone wall in a single, unbroken color. The illusion of space is often enhanced by bold accent colors and clean lines. Cover your patio with a thin and airy shade sail and place a slim design table and chairs. 

Have Fun with Flooring. Since you may not have a lot of room to work with in your patio, have fun with the options you do have. Flooring material is an excellent way to make a big impact in a small space with a small budget. For a whimsical look, why not use a "patchwork rug" of tiles or stained concrete squares? Feeling artistic? Create your own design (such as geometric shapes, swirls, or concentric circles) using different kinds of pavers and stones. Mix up some textures by filling in spaces around flagstone or bricks with smaller pea gravel or colorful crushed stones. Whatever your taste, express yourself with your flooring design. 

No matter whether you like a cozy feeling or an expansive illusion, you can make a fantastic patio design that enhances any yard.