Three Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Healthy

Your home's lawn will be one of the first things that other people notice about your property. Unfortunately, it can be common for homeowners to be unsure of the best steps for caring for their grass. In order to help you ensure that your lawn looks its best, you will want to follow these basic lawn-care tips.

Monitor How Low You Cut Your Grass

Many people may not give much thought to mowing their lawn. However, if you make the mistake of cutting your grass too low, you may find that it does not grow as well and becomes susceptible to numerous health problems. This occurs because cutting the grass too low can interfere with its photosynthesis. To help avoid this problem, you should determine the ideal height for your grass and adjust your lawn mower to match it. The steps for adjusting the blade of your lawn mower can vary greatly, but the steps will be available in the owner's manual that came with the unit.

Leave Trimmings on the Ground

After mowing the lawn, you may be tempted to rake up the grass clippings. Yet, this may be something that you want to avoid doing. As the grass clippings decompose, they will return valuable nutrients to the soil. Unfortunately, some homeowners' associations will not allow properties to leave clippings on the lawn. If this is the case for your community, you should consider adding a small amount of fertilizer after each time you mow the lawn.

Monitor Erosion and Water-Flow Patterns

The way that water flows through your property can be among the more common sources of problems for lawns. If the water erodes the soil too quickly, it can inhibit the growth of grass, and standing water can kill your grass by drowning the root system. After heavy rains, you should take a few moments to tour your property. If you notice areas where pools of water are accumulating or the soil is eroding, you may need to install French drains, add gravel, or take other steps to stem these issues.

Caring for your lawn does not have to be a difficult task, but it is essential for maintaining the appearance of your property. For those that have little experience with this type of work, it is important to be aware of the benefits of knowing the ideal height for your grass, leaving clippings after mowing the lawn, and monitoring the flow of rainwater through your yard. By taking these steps, you can help ensure that your grass is as healthy and lush as possible. 

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