Own Several Dogs? 3 Ways To Make Lawn Care Easier In The Backyard

Although you may love having your dogs, they can make certain things a little more challenging. Their presence adds work to maintaining your home, especially when it comes to your landscape. Large breeds are more likely to have a detrimental effect in the backyard, so you need to give the whole area special attention. You may have switched between mowing your lawn and hiring a professional to handle the task, but you may not be exactly happy with the results because your dogs recreate problems after they are solved. It is worth considering ways that you can make lawn care easier while owning several dogs.

Restrict Access with a Dog Run

An excellent piece of advice is to restrict where your dogs can go in the backyard. This does not have to be a permanent thing, but you can make sure they only reside in a certain area when you are out for a while or handling chores around the house and are unable to keep an eye on them. It will naturally reduce the wear and tear that is put on your lawn with them not running around in the whole yard. You will likely want to remove the grass from this area to avoid constant lawn care issues within the dog run.

Create a Potty Area

Another helpful thing that you can do with the backyard is making an area where your dogs can always go to the bathroom. This prevents you from having to deal with the nitrogen in their urine. One way is just making a sandbox that you would normally use for kids, but in this case, your dogs can use freely. Having one in the dog run and one in the overall backyard will reduce the chance of having issues. It also keeps dog stool from being left around the yard where it could get mowed and spread throughout the yard.

Switch to High-Traffic Grass

This is more of a long-term solution, but one worth considering when you have young dogs and plans to own more dogs in the future. Grasses like the tall fescue, Bermuda grass, and Buffalograss excel at traffic resistance, which is a quality that you will want to have with several dogs roaming the yard. It is worth consulting with a lawn care professional to find out which grass is the best choice for you.

Implementing these ideas will have you enjoying great lawn care results on a consistent basis.