Time To Hydroseed? 3 Tips To Grow A Beautiful Lawn

If you want a lush lawn, but you don't want to deal with hand-seeding, you should talk to your landscaper about hydroseeding. With hydroseeding, mulch and grass seed are mixed together to create a slurry. Once the slurry is created, it's sprayed directly onto the prepared soil. With proper care, you'll have a lush lawn without the bother of hand-seeding. Here are three maintenance tips that will help your lawn thrive.

Water Thoroughly

When it comes to hydroseeding, proper seed germination is crucial to a lush lawn. To obtain proper germination, you need to keep your seeds moist. To make sure your grass grows in thick, you should water your lawn at least twice a day. While the seeds are germinating, water until you see small puddles forming on the surface of the soil. If you've hydroseeding during extreme heat, be sure to water your lawn at least three times a day. For best results, use an automatic sprinkler system. This will ensure an even coverage of water over the entire seed bed.

Provide Proper Fertilization

To ensure proper growth, you should begin fertilizing your lawn about a month after you've seeded the yard. To prevent damage to the germinating seeds, use a liquid fertilizer. This will allow you to spray the fertilizer onto the lawn without having to walk on the soil. Once you've fertilized the lawn for the first time, repeat the application at least once a month. To keep your lawn looking beautiful, continue monthly applications of fertilizer throughout the life of your lawn.

Don't Go Too Short

Once the seeds have germinated, it will be time to prepare for mowing. Don't mow your new lawn too soon though. Mowing your lawn before it's ready can cause damage. First, premature mowing can damage the delicate blades. Second, mowing before the roots are firmly planted can cause damage to the root system. For best results, postpone the first mowing until your new lawn is at 3" long. Leave the mower on the highest setting for the first few mowing cycles. This will ensure that you don't cut the lawn too short.

Now that you're in the process of landscaping your yard, get the beautiful lawn you've been looking for. Use the maintenance tips provided here to ensure proper germination of your lawn. To keep your new lawn healthy, talk to a landscaping company like Bark Blowers & Hydroseeding Inc about proper care and maintenance of your new lawn.