Make Your Property Smell Great With A Few Landscaping Projects

Making the inside of your home smell pleasant is not a difficult task when you have candles, essential oils, and cooking that can change the scent at any time. Making sure your house is always clean will prevent excess dirtiness from leading to undesirable smells. While you may enjoy a great-smelling home, you may also want your entire yard to have an incredible smell.

Hiring landscapers to work in the backyard can help you accomplish this goal.


An excellent place to start is deciding on a groundcover to replace some or all the grass. While fresh cut grass has a strong scent that you may or may not like, you will not have to rely on cutting the grass to produce a noticeable smell in the backyard with certain groundcover plants.

Thyme is an ideal choice for covering part of your yard because it is such a fragrant plant. If you spend more time in certain areas of the yard, you can prioritize growth in these locations. This will maximize the impact of growing thyme compared to putting it towards the back of the yard.


While covering a large area of the landscape with a groundcover will make a noticeable difference to the scent of the backyard, you may also be interested in what flowers can provide. For instance, you may want to reserve thyme for the backyard and let flowers shine in the front yard.

A landscaping professional will know what flowers produce a strong scent and they can give you a list of native ones, which will reduce the amount of upkeep that you have in the yard. Growing flowers along the pathway to your front door is an easy way to make the scent unmissable.


An excellent way to incorporate flowers into your yard is by surrounding them with mulch. Many natural mulches must be replaced at various intervals to avoid rotting or becoming acidic, but you can use non-organic mulch such as stones or pebbles to eliminate this problem. The mulch will allow you to focus on the focal flowers that you have dispersed throughout the yard.

Adding mulch is helpful because it prevents unwanted growth of weeds. This will help to protect the flowers that you plant to make sure they are able to thrive and provide a desirable aroma.

Hiring landscapers is an effective way to progress towards a landscape that smells incredible. To learn more, contact a landscaping company like Boehm Landscape Inc