4 Fruit Tree Care Tips For Summer To Increase Your Harvest And Health Of Trees

Spring has passed, and your trees are beginning to produce fruit, and you want to make sure that you have a bountiful harvest. The summer months are a critical time for tree care to protect your harvest and ensure trees stay healthy. You will need to deal with insects and disease, prevent storm damage and do emergency pruning. Here are some summer fruit tree care tips to ensure trees make it through another season.

1. Fighting Off the Pests Early to Protect Fruits and Prevent Damage to Trees

Pests are the first problem that you will have to deal with in the summer months to protect your fruit trees. Common pests like ants love the sweet fruits that trees produce and will begin to eat them. Treat your trees early for these pests and other insects to prevent infestations that can cause you to lose your harvest.

2. Watching Your Trees for Problems with Disease and Dealing with Issues Quickly

The diseases that affect fruit trees can spread rapidly and cause you to lose your harvest. Therefore, you want to monitor your trees for changes like discoloration of the leaves, spots on the bark and other signs of illness. Treat problems before they become serious and spread to other trees. Sometimes, you may want to remove a tree that has been infected to protect other trees from diseases.

3. Protecting Your Fruit Trees from Damage During Summer Storms That Can Ruin a Harvest

During the summer months, severe weather can cause a lot of damage to fruit crops. This is often due to weather phenomenon like hail. Install bird or hail netting to prevent the weather from causing serious damage to your harvest. Even though the netting may protect against a lot of the damage, high winds with storms may still cause other problems, which you may need to have emergency pruning done to protect your trees.

4. Emergency Pruning Due to Storm Damage or Branches Being Weighted Down with Fruit

There are several reasons why you may have to deal with emergency pruning. The most common cause of damage to branches is actually the weight of fruit that can cause them to break and damage trees. In addition, storm damage may also cause damage to branches, which you may want to prune them to protect trees from further damage and loss of fruits that you will be harvesting this year.

These are some tips that will help ensure you make it through another growing season with healthy trees. If you need help caring for your fruit trees, contact tree care services like Horton Tree Service to ensure you do not have any problems with your trees this year.