Tips For Hiring The Right Deck Contractor

Adding a deck to the back of your house is a great way to increase the value of your home while also gaining usable outdoor living space. Most people love having a large outdoor deck where they can enjoy meals, set up a grill, and create seating areas that can be used for entertaining. However, few people have the necessary skills needed to build a sturdy deck that meets all building codes. Thus, most homeowners opt to hire a deck contractor to build a deck on their house. If you're interested in having a deck built, use the following tips to find the right deck contractor for the job.

Search for a Licensed Contractor

Since a deck is a very large structure that must be secure and built to certain standards, it's essential to hire someone who is extremely skilled to build your new deck. One of the easiest ways to ensure that you are working with a professional who has the skills needed to build a deck is by hiring a licensed deck contractor. In order to obtain a license, a deck contractor must pass a test administered by the state that proves he or she has the training and expertise needed to properly construct a deck.

Ask for Proof of Insurance

Before hiring a deck contractor or signing any type of contract, it's always in your best interest to ask to see proof that the contractor is insured. A reputable, licensed deck contractor should carry general liability insurance, as well as workers compensation insurance. In the event that your home is damaged during the construction of the deck, or the deck contractor is injured while on your property, the insurance company will cover all costs after a claim is filed. Don't make the mistake of hiring a deck contractor who does not have current and valid insurance policies, as doing so puts you at financial risk should anything unexpected happen.

Request Several Quotes

After narrowing down your deck contractor options, it's a good idea to request several price quotes in order to ensure that you get the best deal. When requesting price quotes, make sure that you understand what type of material will be used to build you new deck. It's best to go with the highest quality material available so your deck will last longer. Also ask for each price quote to be itemized so you can see what you will be charged for materials, labor, and taxes/fees.