Get A Natural Green Turf Quickly With Sod Installation And The Right Preparations

Green lawns can be difficult to cultivate if your seed your turf. Sod is often the best solution to establish a green grassy turf quickly. The preparations to install new sod for your turf are also important. The following sod installation guide will help you with the preparations that need to be done to establish your new turf: 

Dethatching and removal of existing turf

You should begin your sod installation by dethatching the surface of the existing turf. Remove as much of the old grass and root system as possible. Since it is a good idea to apply a topsoil base layer, you really do not need to remove all the old grass. Leaving some of the roots and only dethatching it will allow new roots to get established quickly.

Installing and updating sprinkler or irrigation systems

You are going to want to update your landscaping irrigation systems before installing new turf. There are options like conventional sprinklers and alternatives that can be used to ensure your lawn is green and healthy. Options for irrigation to consider for your sod project include:

  • Conventional sprinkler systems
  • Soaker hoses beneath the sod
  • Drip irrigation around the borders of turf

These are some of the basic choices you will want to consider for installing irrigation systems before you install new sod.

Adding a base layer of nutrient-rich soil for sod installation

The base layer of your new sod should be a nutrient-rich mixture of soil materials. This mix should have the right ratios of materials to establish the root system for your new turf. Some of the contents that you want to look for in the soil materials include:

  • Good topsoil with composted materials
  • Materials to hold moisture like coconut fibers or peat moss
  • Slow-release fertilizer and manure content

Ensure that you use good soil with these contents to ensure new sod can establish a root system for healthy turf and greener grass.

Installation of new sod and care to establish a healthy root system

The installation of the turf is the final stage of your project. This stage should be done when the weather is cool, and after the soil base layer has been laid. You will want to make sure the sod is tightly packed and that you water it right after installation. When the root system is still growing to establish your turf, try to water the surface regularly to prevent it from drying out.

The turf that you have installed to establish green grass will thrive with good prep-work. Call a sod installation service for more information.