5 Tricks For Taking Care Of Your Lawn

It can be great to have a beautiful yard full of lush and thick grass. However, getting your yard to look that amazing can take some work. Here are a few tricks for having a luscious yard. 

Trick #1: Use Sharp Blades

When it comes to cutting your grass, you need to make sure that you are cutting it with a sharp blade. By doing so, you will have to make fewer passes over your yard to cut the grass effectively. A clean-cut is better for your glass than a ragged cut, and will also make grass grow fuller. 

Trick #2: Always Check for Debris

Before you mow your yard, always check it for debris, such as a large branch that has fallen or a rock that has gotten into the yard. Debris can damage your lawnmower and can injury you, and make a mess of mowing.

Trick #3: Mow When It Cool Outside

For you to get the most out of your lawnmower, pay attention to how it feels outside. You should ideally mow your yard when the weather is cooler. When it is, there is a higher chance of moisture in the roots of the grass. That moisture allows your grass to heal after it has been cut. You don't want to cut the grass when it is soaking wet as it is not healthy for it. However, mowing either in the morning or the evening, when there is more moisture in the roots of your grass, can help it grow well.

Trick #4: Don't Go Too Short

Next, you need to make sure you don't cut the grass too short. You only want to cut a portion of the grass each time you cut it. Generally, it is recommended that you cut no more than a third of the grass's height to allow the grass to continue growing properly. If your grass is long, just cut until you gradually get it down to the desired height.

Trick #5: Fertilize on Schedule

Finally, you need to make sure your fertilizer your yard. You should fertilize early in the spring, summer, and fall. Fertilizing a few times a year will provide your yard with the nutrition it needs to thrive.

You don't have to take care of your yard on your own. You can hire a professional to apply fertilizer and to cut your yard for you regularly. Sometimes, the best way to make your yard look great is by allowing someone else to take over. Contact a lawn mowing service for more information.