Bought A Home? 5 Reasons To Meet With A Landscaping Pro Now

After the contracts are signed for your new house, one important move is to consult with a landscaping service about your new yard. Why? Here are five key reasons why you should take the time to assess your yard. 

1. Drainage and Grading

Drainage problems in the yard can cause damage to more than just the house. Improper drainage or a grade that slopes toward structures may result in water leaking into the basement or the foundation. The home inspection may have noted some red flags, but a landscape pro is a specialist that will spot different potential problems and help answer questions from the inspection. 

2. Soil Condition

How is the soil around the house? Poor soil may be obvious, such as if the lawn has brown yellowing patches or if trees aren't thriving, but most soil composition issues are invisible to the naked eye. Unfortunately, these will inhibit your ability to successfully install new landscaping of your own choice. 

3. Tree Condition

Trees can be a risk to a new homeowner. Broken, damaged, or infected limbs may fall on your house or even a family member. Untrimmed trees could be risky around utilities or affect the roof material. Further, shade levels around the yard could cause waste of irrigation water or heat damage to both existing landscaping and what you plan to add. Therefore, consult with a professional to assess any trees on the property. 

4. Landscape Planning

Most new homeowners have an idea regarding what they want to do with their yard. But is it feasible? Will it look good? Is the infrastructure — things like irrigation systems or shade protection — in place to support it? If you're not sure, walking through your existing yard and outlining your new plans with a professional will save time, money, and frustration. 

5. Neighbor Issues

Undoubtedly, you want to have good relations with your new neighbors. How can the yard affect these? Overgrown trees or bushes may block views or impede on the neighbors' properties, causing conflicts. You might need a new fence and can work out a mutually-agreeable plan with next-door neighbors. And grading or erosion problems can leak into neighbors' yards. Be proactive about these challenges to avoid making them worse.

A tour of your new property with an experienced landscape installation service is a good investment. You'll spot existing problems and avoid exacerbating anything with upcoming plans. Contact a landscaping installation service for more information.