Residential Fence Options To Create A Design That Blends Into Your Home

If you are going to be installing a new fence, there are a lot of options to consider. For residential fencing, you are going to want a fence that doesn't distract from the design of your home. The fence you invest in for your home also needs to be attractive and blend in well. The following residential fencing designs will give you some ideas to use for your own fence:

Matching Materials to Architecture

When you start planning the fence for your home, the materials should be chosen carefully. There are a lot of options to use materials that blend in and match your home's architecture. If your home has a masonry or stone finish, there are fence features that can match the design. These can be stone or brick pillars and walls that match the finishes on your home. There are also options like cedar fencing that can be used to match wood siding and other wood finishes.

Preserving Architectural Views and Visibility

The views of architecture are some of the most important aspects when planning a new fence. You may want to use different materials where visibility is important. These materials can be things like ornamental metal fencing or similar vinyl systems. You can also limit the height of the fence or use a picket design with wide spacing. There are also options like using glass to preserve the visibility of architecture with your fence design.

Adding Privacy to Home with the Fencing

Even though there are areas where you want to keep the architecture visible, other areas still need to have some privacy. There are various options to consider for privacy. These features can include wood privacy features and other solutions. If you are using ornamental fencing, features in the landscaping like green screens or structures to provide privacy screens can be used. The wood privacy screens can be built and installed by your fencing contractor.

Functional Features, Gates, and Structures

There are many options to add some functionality to your fence's design. The functional features can start with the design of the gates. If you have equipment or cars that need to pass through the gate, consider a more functional double-gate design. You may also want to add features like landscaping structures, bench seating, and planters that are integrated into the fence design.

The features that integrate the fence into your home's design are important. Contact a residential fencing contractor to discuss design and residential fencing installation.