3 Benefits of a Stainless Steel Pizza Oven

If you enjoy eating pizza, assembling and cooking this type of food yourself can be rewarding — and far tastier than the frozen pizza from your local supermarket. Instead of cooking your homemade pizzas in your oven, consider other cooking methods. A good option is an outdoor pizza oven. If this idea interests you, you'll need to decide what type of oven you want. While some people favor building ovens out of bricks, another popular option is to buy a stainless steel pizza oven. This device is available in many different sizes and styles and offers several benefits over a brick oven. Read on to learn more.

It's Portable

A major reason to choose a stainless steel pizza oven is its portability. Some of these ovens have wheels, while others are light enough that you can easily lift them by hand. The portability of this type of oven can be handy in all sorts of scenarios. If it's raining, you can easily relocate your pizza oven to a covered area so that you can use it without getting wet. You even have the ability to load the oven into your vehicle to use it at a friend's house during a party. In contrast, you cannot move a brick pizza oven. 

It's Easier To Use

You'll likely find that a stainless steel pizza oven is easier to use than a brick oven. Stainless steel models are often equipped with multiple vents, which you can open and close with ease, while brick ovens lack this feature. Adjusting the vents in your pizza oven helps you to control the internal temperature. When you're cooking pizza, you want the temperature to be hot enough that it cooks the pizza quickly — but not so hot that the exterior of each pie burns before the rest is cooked. With vents, you can set the temperature to the perfect level.

It Can Offer Multiple Cooking Areas

While the exact design of a stainless steel pizza oven can vary from model to model, you'll often find models that have multiple cooking areas. Whereas brick ovens typically have just one area for your pizza, having an oven with multiple areas will allow you to prepare food more quickly. If you're hosting a party, a brick oven may only allow you to cook a couple of pizzas at a time. With a stainless steel oven that has multiple cooking areas, you'll be able to concurrently cook several pizzas for your guests. Learn more about pizza ovens at a retailer that specializes in outdoor stainless steel pizza ovens.