Winter Is Almost Here: Why Right Now Is The Perfect Time To Hire A Landscape Service

Now that winter is almost here, you might think that you can cancel your landscape services. However, that's not actually the case. The fact is that your landscape service can provide beneficial yard care throughout the year. Here are just four of the benefits you'll receive when you hire a landscape service this winter. 

Provide Winter Lawn Care

During the winter, your lawn will go into dormancy. When that happens, you might not think that it needs any additional care. However, your lawn actually needs care throughout the year, even while it's dormant. During the winter, your lawn should be dethatched and aerated. It's also important that winter lawn pests be controlled. That's where your winter landscape service comes into the picture. Continuing landscape service throughout the winter will ensure that your lawn remains healthy, even during the dormant stage. 

Removed Dead Leaves

If you have trees on your property, or even on your street, you probably end up with a lot of leaves in your yard once fall arrives. If you're like most people, the thought of raking all those leaves fills you with dread. Unfortunately, If those leaves remain in your yard throughout the winter, they can do a lot of damage to your lawn. Luckily, you can avoid raking the leaves and still maintain a healthy lawn this winter. Simply just hire a landscape service to remove all the dead leaves from your property.  

Clear the Underbrush

Now that fall is here, and your trees and plants have lost their foliage, you've probably got quite a bit of underbrush to clear out. If that's the case, it's time to hire a landscape service. One of the great things such a service can do is clear out all the dead growth in your yard. Not only that but they can also clear out the underbrush to help ensure proper regrowth once spring arrives. As an added benefit, removing the dead growth around your yard also reduces the risk for pest infestations. That's because pests tend to nest in the dead brush during the winter season. 

Plant Spring Growth

Finally, while winter may be just around the corner, now is the perfect time to prep your yard for spring flowers. In fact, winter is the right time of year to start planting things like spring bulbs, which is why you need to hire a landscape service. They can help you plan your spring gardens. They can also plant all of your spring bulbs, which will ensure plenty of color once spring arrives. 

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