3 Costly Lawn Maintenance Mistakes You Can Avoid by Hiring a Lawn Service

Almost every homeowner wants to have well-manicured lawns in front of their homes. But very few people understand what is needed to keep a lawn healthy and in top shape. 

Take lawn watering, for example. A survey by the American Association of Landscape Professionals shows that 32% of Americans don't know how often a lawn needs watering. This lack of knowledge can lead to under-watering or over-watering, both of which are detrimental to the health and appearance of a lawn. Check out some of the mistakes you can avoid by hiring a lawn care service.

Improper Use of Fertilizer

Most homeowners have heard that fertilizers nourish lawns. But during the application, they make a costly mistake of thinking that the more, the better. Over-fertilization can burn the lawn or inhibit proper root growth. The excess fertilizer could also be washed away into water bodies; thus, polluting the environment. 

When it comes to timing, most homeowners also apply fertilizers at the wrong time of the year. Generally, lawns should be fertilized at least four times per year, with fall application being the most important. To avoid fertilizer application or timing issues, let lawn maintenance experts do the work. Once you are on their calendar, you can be sure they will arrive in your home at the right time for professional lawn fertilization. 

Not Testing the Soil

Just because the soil around your property looks healthy doesn't mean there are no underlying issues. The soil's pH level may be so high that the nutrients cannot get to the grass, or maybe the soil has nutrient deficiencies. 

When you hire lawn care specialists, they will conduct tests to assess pH, acidity, and the level of nutrients in the soil. Where necessary, they will make proper adjustments to boost the health and quality of the soil. 

Lack of Proper Equipment 

Very few homeowners have invested in all the equipment and tools needed for lawn maintenance. That's because many people don't know which tools are needed. Also, most of the tools are expensive, so even those who know are hesitant to buy them. Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to maintain a top-quality lawn if you don't have the necessary equipment. 

Again, even if you have access to these tools, there is the issue of misapplication. You could have a spreader or a sprayer and not know how to calibrate it properly. Luckily, you don't have to buy any tools or even worry about using them when you hire lawn care experts. They will come equipped with everything needed to complete the job.