Effortlessly Get A Beautiful Lawn With Sod Installation

Homeowners who are facing issues with their lawns not looking lush could benefit from considering sod installation. Trying to get grass to grow can be challenging especially when individuals try to do it on their own. They can make amateur mistakes that lead to their grass being in worse condition. An unattractive lawn can distract from other exterior aspects of a home and can even affect the appearance of neighboring properties. Planting grass seeds is not guaranteed to work, which can lead to frustration.

Sod is authentic grass that has soil and roots attached. It is pre-planted to ensure that it has a near-perfect appearance. Then it is extracted and held together using a netted material. The following points identify a few reasons to consider it as a solution for stubborn grass.

Fast Results

Grass seeds have to germinate. Sometimes they do and take root. There are also complex issues where some areas where grass seeds are planted thrive and others do not. This can make a lawn appear to have bald spots. A sod installation eliminates the wait time and potential disappointment. The sod grass is considered mature and can be laid over lawns. There is a short waiting period for the sod to take root.

Easy Installation

One of the main reasons that individuals do not get the results they want with grass seeds is because they attempt to plant them under conditions that are not ideal. Seeds have temperature ranges and seasonal considerations to thrive. A sod installation can occur during any season. The installation has to get rooted, which means that a landscaper likely would not recommend the service if the ground is frozen. However, if it is merely a matter of cold temperatures, sod can be planted and thrive. Grass seeds may not germinate when they are exposed to hot temperatures. In some cases, the seeds may burn from the heat. This is not a concern when it comes to sod because of its maturity.

Easy Care

Grass seeds require nurturing processes such as fertilization. Sod comes in rolls, and the installation involves rolling out the sod over the lawn. There are not any major things that a homeowner has to do except wait the time recommended by the landscaper. The wait time allows the sod time to grow into the lawn. After that takes place, individuals can begin to enjoy having a beautiful lawn that is easy to take care of. A landscaper is a good resource to use to learn more about sod installations.