Want To Improve Your Business? Start By Improving Your Landscaping

If you want to improve your business, there are many things you can do.  One of these things is your landscaping, which can make a big difference in the way people perceive your business.  Hire a commercial landscaping contractor to help you with this to ensure your landscaping is done correctly.  

Choose and Plant Flowers

Choosing the right flowers for commercial properties is important. You need flowers that will grow well with minimal care but also look nice. One flower you may find on some commercial properties is the petunia, which comes in a variety of colors. Petunias are low maintenance and if they get enough water, they will grow well for you. Petunias are annual flowers, which means they must be replanted each spring.

The landscaping contractor may suggest that you plant daylilies, a perennial flower. These flowers have yellow blooms during the spring months. When they stop blooming, they still provide you with beautiful greenery in your landscaping and will stay green throughout the fall months.  

The commercial landscaping contractor may plant flowers at the entrance to your building. They may choose to also plant flowers near the entrance or in front of the building.

Use Hardscaping

Hardscaping is using non-living materials in your landscaping. This type of landscaping works great for commercial properties. The landscape contractor may choose to install a water fountain near the entrance that provides people that enter a soothing sound. There are a variety of water fountains in different shapes and sizes that the landscaping contractor can tell you about. 

If you do not have a patio for your business, consider installing one if you have room. Place patio furniture on the patio along with tables and other items. This gives visitors or clients a place to sit outside if they want to relax, work, etc. Along with patio furniture, the landscape contractor may suggest you add some greenery or potted flowers. 

You could add a pergola to your landscaping. This adds style but also provides some shade to a sunny area for people to sit. Place one or more garden benches under the pergola along with some potted flowers. There are a variety of pergolas you can choose from, such as wooden, white stone, or pergolas that have lattices or drapes. 

The commercial landscaping contractor that you hire can give you many tips on what you can do with your landscaping to attract clients or customers.