Understand How Your Sprinkler System Operates So You Can Tell When Repairs Are Needed

If you want lush grass and healthy plants, you need to water your lawn regularly. That is an annoying job if you have to hold a hose or hook up a manual watering device every time you need to water the lawn.

A sprinkler system is an ideal solution since it can be programmed to turn on and off when you want and everything works automatically. Here are things to know about sprinkler services when it comes to installation and repairs of your system.

You May Want To Understand Local Regulations

Your sprinkler service knows local codes and regulations for how a sprinkler system should be installed and used. Since the system is your responsibility, you'll want to know how a sprinkler system works too and what you're not allowed to do.

For instance, you may only be able to use your sprinklers on certain days and during certain times of the day. There may also be rules about where the water can land. For instance, it's possible you could be fined if a sprinkler waters the street rather than your grass. The more common droughts are in your area, the stricter the rules may be about sprinkler systems.

It's also good to learn about backflow prevention. This is a device that controls the direction of water flow through your sprinkler system so your drinking water lines don't get contaminated. You may want the sprinkler service to explain how the backflow preventer works so you're aware of it in case it malfunctions. You may also need to have the preventer checked occasionally if it's required by your state or city.

Your Lawn Recovers Fast After Installation 

The length of time it takes to install your new sprinkler system depends on the size of your yard. However, it's a good idea to plan on it taking a few days since there are several steps involved. Since a sprinkler system is buried, the installer has to dig trenches in your yard, and that involves tearing off some grass.

You shouldn't worry too much about your yard being torn up since the grass will be replaced, or you can put new sod patches down. The grass will attach quickly, and your grass should look fine since you'll be watering it too.

Your Sprinklers May Need Occasional Servicing

You might maintain your sprinkler system yourself unless repairs are needed. If you live in a cold climate, you'll want to winterize your system so the lines don't freeze and burst. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, you can call a sprinkler service to help.

Even though your sprinklers may operate in the early hours when you're not awake, it's still a good idea to watch them operate occasionally so you can identify problems that might need repairs. If the water bubbles up rather than sprays, a sprinkler head sprays in a wild direction, or some heads don't work at all, you'll want to call for repairs in case something is wrong and you're wasting water when the sprinklers operate.

Contact a local sprinkler service to learn more.