Upgrading Your Home’s Deck

Whether it is the result of substantial damage to your home's existing deck or simply wanting to upgrade your home with nicer deck space, replacing this part of your home can be a large project to undertake. 

Designing The Upgraded Deck

The first step in the process of replacing or upgrading a home's deck can be to create a new design. This can be an exciting process as it will allow you to make all of the changes that you are wanting to create the ideal deck space for your house. Before starting the design process, you should spend ample time reflecting on your current deck and the various shortcomings that it may have. Additionally, you may want to seek the input of your family to learn more about the types of features that they want for their new deck.

Demolition Of The Existing Deck

Once you have settled on the design and hired a contractor, the previous deck will likely have to be demolished to make room for the new one. This can be a surprisingly involved process as taking apart and hauling away the various wood planks and beams can take some time to complete. During this time, you should make sure to keep children and pets inside as they may have a curiosity about the work site, which can lead to them potentially suffering accidental injuries. Depending on the size of the original deck, this part of the process may take anywhere from one to several days for the contractors to safely complete.

Preparing The Site For The Deck

A person may assume that demolishing the deck is all the preparation that the site will need before the new one can be constructed. However, it is possible for small plants and other debris to have gathered under the deck over the years. These materials will have to be removed. Furthermore, it is common for individuals to want their upgraded deck to be larger than their previous one. If this is the case for your project, there may be additional clearing and leveling that is needed in the immediate vicinity of the deck.

Constructing The New Deck

After the site has been fully prepared for the deck, the actual construction work can begin on it. While decks are fairly simple additions to make, it is still necessary for the quality of the construction work to be high so that the deck can be as strong and durable as possible. Due to this, a homeowner should be prepared for the construction process to take at least several days to be completed. However, if you have a particularly large deck or one that incorporates elaborate design features, this process may take longer.

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