Landscape Installation Trends For Drought-Stricken Areas

Installing landscaping on a residential property located in a drought-prone area is a challenge. On the one hand, you want a lush, green yard. On the other hand, you can't, in good conscience, create a space that will constantly require water to survive.

Since drought conditions make it impossible to sustain large lawns and other park-like yards, your home's landscaping installation needs to be a bit more outside the box.

When making landscaping plans for residential properties located in areas with water restrictions, consider taking advantage of these industry trends.

Trend #1: Designer Rock Gardens

Designer rock gardens are a vital aspect of any drought-tolerant landscaping installation. This does not mean installing large expanses of ugly white rocks or red volcanic cinders like in years past. Today's rock gardens are designed to be visually appealing by taking advantage of various rock types and sizes. 

Rock gardens are generally anchored with an odd number of large boulders for a visual anchor and surrounded by different types and sizes of smaller rocks. 

Some rock gardens take on unique shapes, such as stars, flowers, or concentric circles, while others use rock color variety to make them visually attractive.

Trend #2: Artificial Grass or Artificial Turf

Artificial turf started as a product designed as an alternative to grass for professional football stadiums. However, today's artificial turf and artificial grass products look realistic and are made to last for decades with little maintenance.

As a bonus, artificial turf makes an excellent surface for a backyard putting green. Installing a putting green gives you a fun pastime while creating significant green space that will never require water.

Trend #3: Install a Gazebo or Covered Patio 

For the past few years, there's been a movement toward the concept of indoor-outdoor living. You can use this to your advantage by installing a large covered patio or gazebo to take up some yard space instead of plants and landscaping requiring regular care and watering.

An ample amount of covered outdoor space allows you to swap out your small patio table and uncomfortable chairs for a lovely new outdoor couch or overstuffed chairs. Throw in a projector and white sheet, and you have an outdoor theater!

When your home's outdoor spaces are more comfortable, you and your family will use them more.

Trend #4: Raised Gardens and Planters

Another water-saving trend in drought-tolerant landscaping installation is building raised gardens and planters. Both vegetables and flowering plants require much less water when planted in enclosed planters. As a bonus, raised planters and gardens are a lot easier on your back to plant, weed, and maintain.

For more information on landscape installation, contact a professional near you.