2 Advantages Of Using Rubber Mulch In Your Garden Instead Of Organic Mulch

If you are getting started planning out your garden for the upcoming growing season, you may be looking at various types of mulch to use around some of your plants. While looking at your options, you may be thinking about using an organic mulch that is either compost- or wood-based.

However, before you make a final decision, you may want to think about using mulch that is made from old rubber tires. Besides being environmentally friendly because it is made from recycled materials, there are a couple of advantages of using rubber mulch in your garden instead of organic mulch.

1. Mulch Made from Recycled Rubber Does Not Attract Harmful Insects Like Its Organic Counterparts

One advantage of using mulch made from recycled rubber instead of its organic counterparts is that it does not attract harmful insects. With wood-based mulch, termites and carpenter ants are often drawn to it, which, depending on the location of your garden, increases the risks of having them invade your home or shed.

With compost-based mulch, it can attract grubs and other insects that burrow under the ground and eat away at plant roots. However, since rubber mulch is made from an inorganic material, insects do not seek it out as a source of food or shelter.

2. Rubber Mulch Allows More Water to Reach Your Plants Because It Does Not Absorb It like Organic Materials

Another advantage that using rubber mulch has over organic mulch is that it does not absorb moisture. Compost- or wood-based mulch can retain a lot of moisture, keeping rainwater away from your plants. It even absorbs moisture from the morning dew that can often help sustain plants during dry weather, making it necessary to water them more often.

However, rubber mulch is designed to repel water, not absorb it. This allows the water to seep through the chunks of water so that it fully reaches the soil beneath it and nourishes your garden plants.

When you use mulch made from recycled rubber instead of one made from organic materials, it does not draw harmful insects such as termites and grubs to your plants. The rubber also does not absorb water, allowing more to filter through and reach the plants' roots. For more information about its advantages and how to use it, contact a landscaping business that offers rubber mulch for sale to speak with a representative who can help you.