Landscaping With Trees—Selection, Planting, And Care Strategies

Landscaping with trees will add color and depth to your property. Select trees that grow well in your region. Then plant and care for the trees year-round. 


Ornamental trees, shade trees, and fruit trees offer different benefits. Decide what you would like to gain by adding new trees to your property. If you live in a hot region, for instance, you may be interested in purchasing trees that are destined to get large and provide you with plenty of shade. If you enjoy cooking, on the other hand, you may want to purchase fruit trees that will yield plenty of fruit that you can use in your recipes.

Regional Concerns

First, determine your region's hardiness zone. An online landscaping application can be used to determine the zone. Some apps provide planting pointers, including furnishing advice on which tree species to plant in a particular region. If your intentions are to enjoy your new trees for many years to come, you want to make certain that the tree species that you purchase are suited for the region you live in.

Landscaping Preferences

Use trees to create a beautiful border or to mark a specific part of your property. Decide if you would like to use one tree species to add symmetry or if you would like to add a few different trees to add depth and a considerable amount of visual appeal.

Research how much water and sunlight your new trees will need. If you live in a dry region, you may want to invest in drought-tolerant tree species. If you do choose to purchase trees that need a lot of water, invest in a drip irrigation system or another type of irrigation system that will supply the tree roots with plenty of water.


Mark the land where your new trees will be planted. Order your trees from a landscaping business. Schedule a time to have a landscape contractor deliver and plant the trees that you have purchased. A landscaper will water and mulch the trees. Mulch will help the soil retain moisture. A landscaping contractor will sell a wide range of natural and synthetic mulch products that will complement the colors and shapes of the trees.

Care Steps

Your contractor can be hired at scheduled times to prune your new trees. They will also assist you with setting up a pest control plan that will prevent your trees from becoming infested with invasive insects and worms.

Contact a local tree service to learn more.