Have A Large Flower Garden In Your Yard? Tips For Watering And Saving Money

If you have a large flower garden, you likely have a high water bill each month. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to cut down on the bill and keep your flowers watered and healthy. Below are two of these things so you can decide what would work best for you. Water Management System It is common for large commercial properties, such as a golf course, to use a water management system, but you can also use this system for your landscaping. Read More 

Ideas For Winter Garden Color

Is the bland winter landscape bringing you down? If so, it is probably time to breathe some new life into your yard. There are several ways to add to the winter beauty of the landscape, even when you are dealing with a cold climate. The following are a few ways to overcome the midwinter doldrums. Tip #1: Perk up with potted grasses Large, colorful pots planted with evergreen ornamental grass is an excellent way to add a pop of color. Read More 

A Quick Guide to Making the Fairways a Jewel in Your Golf Course

Whether you're in charge of maintaining a large golf course or a more informal place for friends to get a few swings in, keeping the fairways green and beautiful is a big part of your job. This is probably the part of any course that's the most visible to guests and one of the most important areas for playing as well. So, how can you make it the best for your players? Read More 

2 Things To Consider When Planning Your Landscape Design

The planning part of creating your landscape design is incredibly important. This is a time that you are going to sit down with your landscape contractor and talk about what you hope your yard  is going to look like. This article will discuss 2 things that you are going to want to consider during the planning process.  Maintenance  One thing to take into consideration when planning out your landscape design is maintenance. Read More 

Time To Hydroseed? 3 Tips To Grow A Beautiful Lawn

If you want a lush lawn, but you don't want to deal with hand-seeding, you should talk to your landscaper about hydroseeding. With hydroseeding, mulch and grass seed are mixed together to create a slurry. Once the slurry is created, it's sprayed directly onto the prepared soil. With proper care, you'll have a lush lawn without the bother of hand-seeding. Here are three maintenance tips that will help your lawn thrive. Read More