Residential Fence Options To Create A Design That Blends Into Your Home

If you are going to be installing a new fence, there are a lot of options to consider. For residential fencing, you are going to want a fence that doesn't distract from the design of your home. The fence you invest in for your home also needs to be attractive and blend in well. The following residential fencing designs will give you some ideas to use for your own fence: Read More 

3 Ways To Increase Backyard Usage With Help From Landscapers

An attractive backyard on its own may not be enough to get your family to spend a lot of time outside. While some homeowners may feel comfortable with letting their backyard receive little use throughout the year, you may want to encourage use by making noticeable changes. Fortunately, you can make all sorts of improvements that will increase backyard use, especially when you hire a landscaping company to help with the planning and execution of all projects. Read More 

Bought A Home? 5 Reasons To Meet With A Landscaping Pro Now

After the contracts are signed for your new house, one important move is to consult with a landscaping service about your new yard. Why? Here are five key reasons why you should take the time to assess your yard.  1. Drainage and Grading Drainage problems in the yard can cause damage to more than just the house. Improper drainage or a grade that slopes toward structures may result in water leaking into the basement or the foundation. Read More 

Five Tips To Avoid Root Rot On New Sod

Most people plant sod because it is an easy way to enjoy an instant lawn. Rot can be an issue, though, particularly if the roots become waterlogged. 1. Amend the Soil The best way to prevent root rot on new soil is to make sure you lay it on well-draining, nutrient-rich soil. This means working in some organic matter, such as compost, into the top foot or so of the soil. Read More 

5 Tricks For Taking Care Of Your Lawn

It can be great to have a beautiful yard full of lush and thick grass. However, getting your yard to look that amazing can take some work. Here are a few tricks for having a luscious yard.  Trick #1: Use Sharp Blades When it comes to cutting your grass, you need to make sure that you are cutting it with a sharp blade. By doing so, you will have to make fewer passes over your yard to cut the grass effectively. Read More