Tips For Maintaining Your Gravel Driveway

Homeowners typically pick gravel driveways because they are easy to install and affordable and can be designed into unique patterns and colors using varying types of gravel. A professional paving contractor should be consulted when installing a gravel driveway, as meticulous drainage planning is required to ensure the driveway doesn't flood or wash out after heavy rains. Once installed, the driveway will require regular maintenance to stay solid and intact. Read on for regular care tips for your gravel driveway to help prevent it from turning into a crumbling mess. Read More 

More Than A Campfire — 5 Luxury Options For An Outdoor Fire Pit

If you want to add fire to your backyard hardscaping, you may immediately think of a basic round fire pit. But the truth is that there are many luxurious options and greater variety open to modern landscapers than ever before. Here are 5 beautiful and creative fire pit options for the discerning homeowner.  In-Pool Fire. If you're combining a fire pit and a pool, why not place the flames inside the pool? Read More 

Beautiful Retaining Wall Ideas For A Traditional Home

At heart, a retaining wall is a practical installation. A retaining wall holds back soil on one side while remaining freestanding on the other. Its purpose is typically to hold up a slope for landscaping. Depending on your yard, a single retaining wall may be sufficient, or you may need a series of terraces. If you have a traditional house, install a beautiful retaining wall that complements your home and landscaping while shoring up the yard. Read More 

Three Reasons To Hire A Landscaping Service In The Fall And Winter

The spring and summer months are typically when you might feel like you need a landscaper for your property, but there are several reasons you should consider using a home landscaping service during the fall and winter months as well. Here are just a few of the many ways your landscaping crew can keep your property looking great through the winter months. Snow Removal Some landscaping services offer snow removal for the winter months, and they don't just handle your sidewalks and driveways. Read More 

Why Careful Planning Is Important To The Installation Of Your Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems are very convenient and useful. Your entire yard can benefit from an automated sprinkler system. There are a few things to take under consideration, however, before you have a system installed. Buried Power Lines Buried power lines and sprinkler systems do not mix. While the power company does what it can to keep their power lines from getting wet underground and transmitting electrical pulses through the wet soil, you do not want to inundate the areas where these lines are buried with water. Read More