Time To Hydroseed? 3 Tips To Grow A Beautiful Lawn

If you want a lush lawn, but you don't want to deal with hand-seeding, you should talk to your landscaper about hydroseeding. With hydroseeding, mulch and grass seed are mixed together to create a slurry. Once the slurry is created, it's sprayed directly onto the prepared soil. With proper care, you'll have a lush lawn without the bother of hand-seeding. Here are three maintenance tips that will help your lawn thrive. Read More 

Why Now Is The Time For You To Start Getting Professional Lawn Care Service

Few things can highlight a house like a well kept lawn.  Plush, green grass, combined with expertly manicured bushes and trees are always attractive and can definitely add to your home's curb appeal.  However, keeping your yard looking good can seem like a full-time job, and if you're a busy professional, you just may not be able to find the time to look after your yard.  That's why you should invest in professional lawn care services. Read More 

Winter Landscaping Advice

While winter may mean less yard work, it doesn't mean that there is nothing at all to do outside. Some tasks are best done in winter when plants are dormant. Other tasks may not be necessary, but your landscape will look better if you do them. The following are a few things you should put onto your winter to-do list. Shrub trimming Most plants go dormant or semi-dormant in winter, making it the ideal time to tend to regular pruning. Read More 

Landscaping For Security

Home burglaries are surprisingly common. In any given year, approximately one out of every thirty-six homes will be burglarized. Any home can be burglarized. However, it's important to remember that most burglars are looking for a home that's an easy target. Most homeowners use things such as locks and security systems in order to lower their chances of being a target. Another thing that can actually help dissuade would-be burglars is landscaping. Read More 

Own Several Dogs? 3 Ways To Make Lawn Care Easier In The Backyard

Although you may love having your dogs, they can make certain things a little more challenging. Their presence adds work to maintaining your home, especially when it comes to your landscape. Large breeds are more likely to have a detrimental effect in the backyard, so you need to give the whole area special attention. You may have switched between mowing your lawn and hiring a professional to handle the task, but you may not be exactly happy with the results because your dogs recreate problems after they are solved. Read More