Fun Fall Landscaping Ideas To Make Your Property Festive

Worried that your yard and landscaping is looking weathered and worn after summer? Give your outdoor spaces some color and festive flavor with some autumnal suggestions that will capture the eye of your neighbors and passers-by. Some fun fall landscaping ideas include: 1. Don't give up on flowers. Just because winter is around the corner doesn't mean you need to give up your dreams of having a lush, colorful landscape. Mums thrive in the cooler weather, and they bring an autumnal pop of color to any patio, hedge, or porch. Read More 

Spending Too Much Time Or Money On Tree Care? 3 Reasons To Remove A Tree

Maintaining your property is a constant responsibility. If you fall behind on upkeep, you will have extra work to do, and in some cases, problems could start to arise. When it comes to maintaining your yard, you must take care of the trees on your landscape to avoid various issues. For instance, branches that grow too long could become weak and break on a storm day with heavy winds. This might be fine in a remote area, but around your property it is a risk because it could damage property or injure someone. Read More 

Four Ways to Rid Your Lawn of Fleas

Warmer weather can bring on the flowers blooming, the grass growing, and vegetation sprouting. Unfortunately, it can also mean ideal conditions for a flea infestation. You can expect to spend around $5 to $20 on a flea flogger to help rid your home of fleas, but if you are not proactive about getting them off your lawn, your dog or cat could end up dealing with fleas right after you've treated your home for them. Read More 

Managing Verticillium Wilt in Trees

Verticillium wilt is a fungal disease that can attack a variety of landscape trees, including both smaller trees, like lilacs and dogwoods, and larger trees, like oaks and maples. The disease often results in the death of the tree. Understanding the disease and how to prevent it can help you save your trees. The following guide can help. How does verticillium wilt spread? The fungus that causes the wilt lives within the soil. Read More 

Tips For Beautiful Fall Landscaping

Just because summer is ending doesn't mean you have to give up your dreams of a colorful, hardy garden. Fall is the perfect time for cool-weather plants and to start planning ahead to your spring displays and beds. Some of the best plants for fall gardens are below: Sweet peas are a cool-weather plant that truly thrives in the autumn and fall, bringing color to your garden. Pumpkins and squash are cool season veggies that will begin to yield a harvest during fall, just before the first frost. Read More